The start of a trip

Our trip started early - at 2:30 a.m., 27 April. There were 11 people going to visit Spain, Melide. Everybody was extremely dozy, that is why nobody felt how fast we reached the airport of Vilnius. It was thanks to Deimante's and Ruta's parents who took us there. We had a connected flight: from Vilnius to Frankfurt, then, from Frankfurt to Madrid. Both of them were calm? (gal pleasant and... tasty. We drank tons of coffee in Frankfurt airport – we DIDN'T have to pay for it! Everybody felt the effect of coffee and the second flight was less calm than the first one. We reached our pre-last destination - Madrid at around 1p.m. Amazingly, the bus drivers who had to take us to Melide had already been waiting for us in the airport. A long journey by bus started. It took us 8 hours to reach our final destination - Melide. We enjoyed the marvellous view through the window of the bus and... delicious refreshing oranges when the bus stopped for a while. Our Galician friends met us with a sincere hospitality and hosted us with the utmost care and attention but none of the hosts was calm: there was a huge match that night - Barcelona against Real. So we had a quick meal and went to the bar to watch the game. Barca won 2:0. Perfect ending of a difficult day!

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xosé tomás said...

Dear Lithuanian friends. It's been a great experience to meet you again. As you know, this is not the end, nor the beginning...but one more step along our common path. We are ready to go on, and to give as much as we can to make this relationship grow. Let's keep in touch again as soon as the next school year begins.
Xosé Tomás (teacher at IES Melide)