Semana de Lituania - Lithuanian Week - Lietuviška savaitė

The Lithuanian Week in the high-school of Melide was inspired by the lifelong learning programme Comenius, the main objectives of which are not only to encourage linguistic exchange among member states of the European Union, but also to create a necessary environment for cultural interchange.

During this event, students, teachers and members of the local community of Melide had a possibility of getting acquainted with this faraway little country. Here are some pictures from the event. Let them speak for themselves!

21st - 25th of April, 2008

Lithuanian Week coincided with an arrival of some students of another exchange. A group of teenagers from the high-school of Mugardos also had a chance of taking part in the activities of the Lithuanian Week. The first one was a radio interview with Jolanta, the teaching assistant from Lithuania.

Second activity was a PowerPoint presentation about Lithuania. The speech was delivered by Jolanta and based on common stereotypes that foreigners normally have about Lithuania. During the presentation the imaginary myths about its geographical facts, language and culture have been denied and the true facts introduced. This topic has only be addressed to the 9th and 10th graders and the guests from Mugardos.

This is the area of school where the information stand with books, leaflets, booklets and brochures about Lithuania was installed. It also had a Spanish-Lithuanian dictionary, some books in Lithuanian so that visitors could familiarize themselves with the Lithuanian language. Short words and useful Lithuanian phrases translated into Galician were displayed on the walls for volunteers to learn.

3 screens with different presentations about the country (video and/or PowerPoint) were some of the most important informative means throughout the Lithuanian Week.

1o different departments (English, Galician, History, Economy, Arts, Music, Biology, Geography, Physical Education, and Woodcraft) with the help of students compiled 8 posters with the information about respective aspects of Lithuania.

Students had to complete a mini quiz with the data from the posters.

For the presentation with the 8th graders, the school's hallway was transformed into a classroom. The passers-by could also join the group.

11th and 12th graders listened to a presentation about the collapse of the Soviet Union. Due to its complex content, the speech was delivered to each class individually and took place during History classes.

History of the Soviet Union is an important part of the History course in Spain. Having a visitor who witnessed the times of the communist regime was an interesting and useful experience for the students.

One more goal of the Lithuanian Week was to record a CD with the Lithuanian folk tales. With the help of teachers students translated the tales from English into Galician and recorded a bilingual version of them. During the Lithuanian Week students, teachers and guests could order a copy of the CD for themselves.

For the information in Galician click this link: http://www.lavozdegalicia.es/santiago/2008/04/22/0003_6755520.htm