Hello from Lithuania

Hello! This is the group from Utena Adolfas Sapoka Gimnasium, Lithuania. Our names are (from left to write): Ignas, Greta, Justas, Dovile, Edvinas, Rokas, Agne, Gailė, Justinas, and we are 15-16 years old. We are keen on this project and we would like to make it successful. It is really nice that you are interested in our country and culture because Lithuania is not as famous as Spain is.
We are really eager to present our country and our home town, we will also introduce ourselves and later on we will write about typical Lithuanian families, home, food and routine, maybe. Furthermore, we expect that it will be interesting to see and feel those differences that exist, or, maybe, we will even be able to find some similarities.


Ispaniška savaitė - Spanish Week

We had a Spanish week in spring. We were doing projects about your country and culture. We found out a lot of stunning facts about that! In our English lessons we were working in groups. Each group chose a different topic and we were working on the topic chosen. Some of them were about traditional food, dances and songs, leisure time activities, mother tongue, nature and landscapes, and other things. After that all the members of different groups were presenting projects. The presentations were really interesting and attractive because some of us had even learnt useful Spanish phrases, some were reciting funny and easy poems in Spanish and one boy was wearing a sombrero hat. Thus, that is all about our projects in our English lessons!
We also had some other subjects involved in the Spanish week. Spanish culture, the way of life were discussed during geography, Spanish (we have Spanish at school as an optional subject), music and dancing, lessons. We were dancing such dances as Flamenco and Pasadoble, doing and presenting projects (again) and discussing the differences in geography; we were introducing ourselves in Spanish and singing Spanish songs. We filmed everything and produced a CD of the Spanish week in Adolfas Sapoka Gimnasium.
It was a really interesting and exciting week!!! :)


Hello from Melide

Hi, this is the group from Melide (Galicia - Spain). We are very excited to speak to you (well, to write to you). We are 14 and 15 years old, and we attend Melide Highschool. Why are we here?
Because we are very interested in meeting new people, new cultures, new places, new.........
And because we also like travelling and opening our minds. On the picture you can see above we are a small group (although there are more of us, usually). Our names are (from left to write):
Patri, Cris, Fanny, Eva, Ana and Mr Fran.
We hope this will be the beginning of a good friendship, and that we will meet personally some day. We want a picture of you all.