Welcome to our school

Our high school, IES MELIDE, is quite big but not much. It is around ten years old more or less so it’s not old. It is placed in a town of around 8000 inhabitants, in a rural area, 50 km. From Santiago. We are on the famous St. James’s Way, the old pligrimage route leading to Santiago. If you can come here you will see how nice it is, and maybe we can walk a stage.

The building: there are three floors and there is one gymnasium, one football field and a basketball field too.

We have a very big library with around 14000 books in Spanish, Galician, English, French… and others. It’s organised in such a way that every term we work on a theme. This term’s one is the Medieval Ages. You can see it on the picture: we decorate the place, select books that deal with the topic, and teachers will invite some writers who have written some books about Medieval times.

There is a canteen where we can buy food and drinks in the morning when we are in the playtime and we can chat with our friends too.

We also have vocational studies in our school, so there is a woodcraft workshop, where students study to become carpenters. Have a look at the picture, and see how big it is!

The high school has got a radio station and the students can broadcast programmes on it. It’s beautiful because many people listen to you! If you click here you can hear us speaking, and it may be interesting for you to hear our own language, Galician (did you know that in Spain there are more languages than Spanish???)

There are a lot of classrooms because there are many students! In our high school the teenagers are between twelve and eighteen years old or more so there are a lot of us!


Justinas said...

I read your school presentation and I was really impressed by your school. I really envy you such a good library and football pitch which I had seen in the picture. Soon we'll replace our information too.
Guy, who always keeps eye on this blogspot,
Justinas :)

Patry said...


how are you?whats the weather like?it´s raining a lot here.last week, we saw the snow.how nice!!!!what is the lanspace in lithuania??here, we have a lot of trees and green grass.we live in "a green world", I have a lot of animals, such as dogs(dalmatians), rabits, a hamster,a fish, I love them.
I am waiting to hearing from you, soon please,
kisss Patry

Justinas said...

I'm fine, thanks. The weather in Lithuania is very cloudy, but there isn't rain. In Lithuania first snow appeared in the middle of November, as I can remember. If you want to see Lithuanian landscape just enter into this website www.freewebs.com/alienzoo . In the column list you'll see a lot of paragraph and the pictures about LT are in paragraphs "Gamta", "Naktine gamta" and "Miestas".
I also have some questions.. How does you school prepare to celebrate christmas? Are you have some part or anything like it before cristmas?
So excited,

Donatas Kaulinis said...

Sounds like you have an amazing school back there. You shouldn't underestimate us though :) I'm quite impressed. But what I really would like to know, is what do you after lessons? What's you after-school activities?

Donatas Kaulinis said...

By the way, I would like to get your skype nickname, if you don't mind.

Justinas said...

Merry Christmas to everyone! :)